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Simple Remedies to Treat Baby Acne


Diagnosing the most common facial rashes in babies/kids - Ask Dr Sears .com

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21 Mom and baby-friendly uses for coconut oil

21 mom and baby-friendly uses for coconut oil. Examples: use on Diaper rash, sore nipples, increase milk supply, eczema, baby yeast infections.....increase immune system.

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Baby Heat Rash On Face

Types of Skin Rashes on Babies: It is a well-known fact that the skin of babies is still very sensitive, so it is important for the parents to know about different types of skin rashes on babies.... Read more at:


This is what happens when companies put #methylisothiazolinone (MI) / #methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI) in products that never had them before. Thanks @ogx_beauty and @liquidkeratin for the rash. If you have unexplained, recurring itchy rashes on your hands, face, or body, read the labels of all your products, including wipes and baby wipes. Bet you one or both of these insidious allergens (that won Allergen of the Year in 2013) are in there. 1.24.16 #eczema #dermatitis #skinallergy

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Home Remedies To Treat Rashes On Face

How to treat rashes on face with home remedies? Do the rashes on your face harm your looks? Have you attempted various medications yet couldn't think ...


Lanolin is the best! Normally used for breastfeeding moms, but this stuff works miracles on diaper rashes too! Great for a dry spot , or a drool rash on babies face too. Don't waste money on diaper rash stuff, this works better and faster. Seriously!


Just today I was applying my Homemade Diaper Rash Cream on my youngest.  Once again she had a nasty bout of rash.  Even though my original experimental diaper rash cream was in a glass jar, and I r...

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All Natural Relief for PUPPPS Pregnancy Rash!

PUPPP Pregnancy Rash Relief that WORKS | Essential Oils | DoTerra | Young Living | Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil Uses

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DIY Diaper Cream {Cloth Diaper Safe!}

Homemade Diaper Rash Cream, Safe for Cloth Diapers. Organic cold-pressed coconut oil (buy in GLASS JARS, not plastic!) is seriously effective: rashes (not just for baby), skin and hair moisturizing, no strong coconutty smell. Honestly LOVE raw cold-pressed virgin coconut oil & use it daily. It's my go-to facial moisturizer, use it on cuts, rashes, lips, and as a leave-in conditioner once per week. Makes a great cooking oil and chocolate candy ingredient that's super healthy, too.