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Easy Trick to Remove Sand from Skin! ~ at ~ this simple little beach tip works like a charm! #beaches #thefrugalgirls

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Did you know you can remove sand from hands with baby powder? So next time you are camping near the beach or about to have lunch on the beach and you want to get the sand off you Just bring some baby powder, and wash your hands and body with it... Sand comes right off.

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Bug free sand box: 1 large bottle of cinnamon 1 large bottle of baby powder Mix well into the sand before play…

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20 household tips to make your life easier

baby powder gets the sand off! why didn't anyone tell me this before? i will now add this to my beach bag!!

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How to Remove Sand off After Being at the Beach

How to Remove Sand off After Being at the Beach. Shake some baby powder on your calves and feet and rub it around. The powder should absorb any moisture remaining on your skin and the sticky, wet sand should just fall away.

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Baby Powder: Sand Trick

Did you know that Baby Powder is a MUST HAVE for your Beach Bag?! It completely removes sand from your body without using water! You can also use a soft-bristled brush to remove excess sand, but you really only need the baby powder! You can also put a small amount in your hand and apply it to your scalp, then brush the sand out of your hair!!

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23 Beach Hacks to Make the Summer a Blast

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Heart Waffle Iron

Homemade Moon Sand Recipe Sensory Play -

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Homemade Moon Sand Recipe

Homemade Moon Sand Recipe | Amber Simmons | DIY moon sand at home with just two ingredients.

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