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you cheated on your baby daddy, told people you didn& know if he was even the father, tried to breakup my relationship, harassed/stalked me and lied to your family and in-laws. grow up.

Yep! She probably has but o well. You got pissed when we didn't say anything about the grace situation. So obviously you need to fix something and obviously you coach the children to hate our family. I knew you would see my message (2 min after posting it). I'm irritated but look where they learn it from!

Or possibly just posting passive aggressive memes like the other victim, ahem survivor.

Always. Still baby momma drama.

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The typos in this irritate me but, it is PERFECT for today...

Maybe one day her stupid ass will see its not about what I do or what she does. It's about the kid having both birth parents.

I don't care how complicated this gets, I still want you. | Love Quotes

most amazing love quotes ever, beautiful love quotes on eyes.I lay here thinking about u and ask myself do u love me? Or Am I A Just A Shelf For You To Relieve Your Self.

it's astonishing how many people can't see through your hypocrisies. Aida lying bitch

Omg This is word for word truth, perfect for my husbands baby mama. She cries deadbeat all the time everyday but he pays his Child support on time a mth and doesn't let him see his kids.

She is jealous and resentful. She hates that she can never be me. Or have what we had and have.

She is jealous and resentful. BM stands for baby momma FIY AM

It's so nice when toxic people stop talking to you. It's like the trash took itself out.

25 Common Misconceptions of a Narcissist Its so nice when toxic people stop talking to you. Its like the trash took itself out.