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Sorry for the F word but this is so true! She already has. Living in ghetto apartments, 2 different baby daddys, fat bald boyfriend, about to lose her job, boyfriend does not have real job, collects welfare the list goes on and on. Thanks to my horiscope friend for providing me info. Need to keep up with her to protect my family!


You'll get yours! One day they'll realize that you snatch him Away and have everything other weekend all because of another woman..that does nothing wrong to that child. All because you scared someone will take your place. I have my own son sweetie and if I wanted to have another I would. I love them children because there apart of him and he's an amazing person inside and out. Grow up please and move on with your life. Meet someone.


Just sayin. Wrap that shit up or deal with baby mama drama (it's called that for a reason)