The B-52's.... Waaaaaay cool.  When anyone says they're visiting the state that is famous for potatoes, I tell them... "you could be living in your own private Idaho" :^)

Eight Album Covers from Heavy Rotation

Dance This Mess Around, 52 Girls, Planet Claire.classic new wave.

Scrojo - B-52s, The

Scrojo The Poster The Belly Up Aspen Artist: Scrojo 13 x 19 inches

Give Me Back My man - B-52's. Cindy Wilson, as cute as you are, I'll take the candy, but  I don't know about the fish.

The - Give Me Back My Man. Cindy Wilson is really putting her heart into this. I had to listen to this song 20 times today.

B-52`s "Rock Lobster", Private Idaho"

The B-52s Perform at Bergen PAC

From the timeless gems of “Rock Lobster,” “Planet Claire” and “Private Idaho” to the more recent classics “Channel Z,” “Love Shack” and “Roam”, the unforgettable dance-rock tunes start a party every time their music begins.

A B-52 slides down the port side of USS Ranger (CV-61)

I thought this was the craziest low pass flyby ever, but obviously I was mistaken. After all, what you're seeing here is not a small fighter yet but a Stratofortress almost kissing the sea while flying by USS Ranger aircraft carrier.