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Cough syrup

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Golden Milk Elixir

Golden milk recipe - Golden milk is an ancient ayurvedic remedy that boosts your immune system helping to combat colds, cough, inflammation, joint pain and so much more. It’s so delicious even your kids will ask for more!

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How to Make Golden Turmeric Milk the Right Way?

Golden Turmeric Milk or Haldi Doodh is a powerful Ayurvedic Indian drink with medicinal properties. We've been making it for generations and it's so important to make it the right way! It's a great immunity booster when suffering from cold, cough, sore throat, headaches, joint aches etc. It's best when made with milk, but you can use any plant based milk to make it vegan. via @my_foodstory

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Marshmallow commonly used to ease sore throats & dry coughs because of its antitussive, mucilaginous, & antibacterial properties. It has been used to treat certain digestive disorders, including heartburn, indigestion, ulcerative colitis & Chron's disease. It ialso may help fight infection & boost the immune system while increasing white blood cells. Can be used as a suppository for hemorrhoids, made into a tea & gargled for throat irritations & used externally for minor skin irritations.

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#Navrassyrup is the Ayurvedic medicine for #cough and is formulated with many tested herbs to cure respiratory infections too.

Cough is a manifestation of any kind of obstruction in the tract which facilitates respiration. Although chemical based medicinal treatments for cough are easily available, most of them are known to stifle the mere outbursts alone. Ayurvedic treatment for cough is preferred because it addresses the root cause of the problem and aims to eliminate it. Cough mixtures also have side effects such as constipation and drowsiness. Hence, ayurvedic medicines for cough are considered favourable…

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Sitopaladi Churna is useful in cough associated with various other respiratory problems. It is one of the best and widely used Ayurvedic medicines for cough, even for kids. It helps to increases the appetite, digestion, and provides strength to the body. It is recommended for seasonal coughs and colds, as it is a very good expectorant. It is excellent soothing aid in both dry and productive cough.

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