PITTA Fruits & Vegetables - Ayurveda states that a person should choose his diet depending on his dosha. So, a person in whom the Pitta dosha is dominant should eat diet, which will pacify the Pitta dosha. Here are some suggestions on which fruits and veggies to include and which to avoid in a Pitta balancing diet.

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Ayurveda PITTA - Learn about PITTA 1 (2), see link: http://www.foodpyramid.com/ayurveda/pitta-dosha/ #pitta #dosha #ayurveda

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This is going to be hard bc I have equal Vata and Pitta . Built more like Vata but pitta personality....

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Decisive, funny, cooperative and confident, Pittas can often be seen at the head of the pack, encouraging the ones around them to rise-up.

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What is Ayurveda? Why Ayurveda? What is my dosha type? Ok. So how do I eat according to my Ayurvedic dosha type? General Ayurvedic Guidelines:

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