Awkward mtv quotes

If you have never seen it on MTV, you really need to check it out. It is hilar! OMG I love Clark. And Sadie

I wish I voila have awkward as my life minus everything else but if someone said this to me if cry

Crying because Matty Mckibben is perfect in every way. I'm in love.

You're welcome :) Sadie is my spirit animal

22 Things We Learned From Sadie On "Awkward."

Awkward mtv quotes

For a moment I actually felt bad for her than I realized she's a stuck up bitch

Awkward MTV quotes

"Taking Sides" - Ming and Tamara feel awkward being around Jenna and Collin.

Awkward mtv quotes

MTV's Awkward ✨Over it. NO EFF YOU! not only did you make her trust you, I trusted you and bam you are a douche :o Nolan Funk though= Major SEXY :P

Awkward MTV quotes

How Girls Go Shopping

You lose your friends at least four times and then reunite when each of you is holding an armful of clothes to try on. You look at each other.

Can the new Awkward season start already?! My weekly dose of laughter.

Can the new Awkward season start already? My weekly dose of laughter.