What does your prof have on their thumb drive? If I ever teach a class, I'm totally doing this...

Another pinner said "while a prof was setting up for his lecture…" I just laughed at this for like 20 minutes, why couldn't I have teachers like this when I was in college!

You know, actually sleeping: | 25 Things That Would Actually Help You Stay Awake In Class

Funny pictures about I wish I had this teacher. Oh, and cool pics about I wish I had this teacher. Also, I wish I had this teacher.

This is absolutely beautiful....maybe attempt with a smaller bill first though!

19 Creative Teachers Who Deserve Extra Credit

How to get your class to shut up for the entire period: science teacher edition --- I've done this before, the burning dollar bill

You know you have a cool teacher when…  I seriously have no idea if I would follow through with this to get the extra credit XD

You know you have a cool teacher when…

My teacher actually does this. last test i had to go up to another student and say "if there was a bottleneck event, i would have no trouble repopulating the earth with YOU, what do you think?" if they said of course or yes then i got extra credit

Where can I get a teacher like this.

Rise & Shine (26 photos)

my lit teacher cracks me up.update: his wife bought him a rubber stamp that says “nailed it” for his 15 minutes of internet fame.

Best class expectations lecture ever. Would be great to use in high school classes. Would your high schoolers enjoy these PowerPoint slides?

Funny Teacher Tells Teenagers His Class Rules In A Way They Will Understand – 9 Pics teachers + memes haha Best teacher ever!