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Awesome Quotes About Me

Thank you for ALWAYS having my back and revealing to me the things I should walk from & towards. Direct my path. I walk by faith & you have NEVER led me astray. Anytime I have experienced troubles is because I interfered with your plans for me. I now understand to be still and listen and you will light my path that will be filled with grace and mercy on my journey. Thank you!

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Don't ask anyone but me about me. via (

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Could never be friends with someone I used to talk so rudely about to other people just for the sake of having a friend! The fakeness makes me sick.

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I'm honestly now really trying I'm sorry about my breath it did smell bad I had gotten out of work and stopped by and I thank god i saw you I was having a bad day and seen you made it so much better! Once again thank you for reminding me and teaching me a great lesson!

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Over it! Was just trying to be an adult about it lol. Fuck it :)

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Even though I am a very apologetic person, there is no way that I am going to apologize for being lied to, hurt, or anything else like that. Nor will I apologize for being myself,

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Write a Radio Play

So if you're a piece of crap or back stabber don't expect me to have a good attitude towards you!!! Hahaha this is so on point

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Funny Quotes And Pictures Of The Week - 51 Pics

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I was cornered. I was caught off guard one time. I tried to explain my religion and God. I forgot to say the right things but seeing this is really something. Yes, I cant quite verbalize everything about God and how He changed me and how He is my Father now and all but it can be made through experience. Lots of prayers, Betina. Lots and lots for them to experience too, the awesome love of God.

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I wish someone would randomly tell me little facts about myself. Not ones that I have already told them but ones they have picked up by themselves because they care enough to notice the little things...

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