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"I go to cemeteries to find names for the characters I create"

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Names Of Christ - Jumbo Poster - Inspirational Art & Scripture - Christian Posters, I really like this only twelve dollars, this is a sale item I have no connection.

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Is it bad that I understand this, and haven't even seen the movie.

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But what if this isn't Sherlock. We saw two boys running. It could be Mycroft and Sherlock. But it could also be Mycroft and their third brother !!!!!

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can i have a chariot pulled by cats<<< I've literally always wanted a rolling chair pulled by dogs

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DAMN IT!!! I mean I knew already it had to be about a case, he wasn't saying it to Molly... but this makes so much sense that DAMN IT!!!

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100 Likeable Names for Your Heroine. Includes research on people's stereotypes about women's names. Great resource for writing, and naming female characters! #writingtips #nanowrimo

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For all extensive purposes, J.M is dead. Euros, meaning "East Wind", is a name (most likely a nickname or form of code name most likely intended as a warning, I have to rewatch the scene to know for sure) given to the sister (if it's a nickname it was given by the boys) when they were children. Sheninford, the name Mycroft has used to reference "the other sibling" (I also have to rewatch last 4 Eps. In the series to hear if they used pronouns) is most likely the sisters given birth name.

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"When my wife and I got married, we mixed both of our last names together to form a new name. Rather than her changing her name, we both changed them! It symbolizes the unity of our two families"

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