Let It Go - Avril Lavigne The wonderful part.. his husband featured in it.. Nickelback lead Chad Kroeger

i'm breaking free from these moments gotta let it go, just let it go. i've said goodbye set it all on fire gotta let it go, just let it go

Avril Lavigne tells Nylons June/July 2012 Music issue abouDeryck Whibleex-husband yt her fiance Chad Kroeger and her

Avril Lavigne Met Fiance Chad Kroeger While Dating Deryck Whibley!

'He's nice, real and kind': Avril Lavigne opens up about her relationship with fiance Chad Kroeger as she cuts a vampy figure in new Nylon photo shoot

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger---"17 carat emerald cut. Wow. I love my hubby," she added, along with a snap of herself, her new giant bling, and the generous Nickelback singer. #bigdiamondrings #diamondring #wow

Holy Bling! See Avril Lavigne's 17-Carat Diamond Anniversary Present

Most married couples celebrate their one-year anniversary with the traditional gift of paper, but Avril Lavigne's husband Chad Kroeger jumped straight to diamonds-- and a 17 carat one at that! Check out that rock!

Just saying... this will be my engagement announcement picture. Just. Like. This. If my husband isn't okay with it, i guess we're not taking engagement pictures then.

Avril Lavigne Engaged to Chad Kroeger of Nickelback

Nice day for a Goth wedding! Avril Lavigne and her new husband Chad Kroeger on their wedding day last week

Newlyweds Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger open up on their 'over the top' Goth wedding... as they honeymoon in Italy

Avril Lavigne, Chad Kroeger Wedding Photo - Avril wearing a black wedding dress! yay for non white wedding dress!

Single lady? Avril launches her new clothing collection Abbey Dawn at New York Fashion Week earlier this week

Avril Lavigne splits from rock star husband after three years of marriage

Singer Avril Lavigne has split from her rock star husband Deryck Whibley after three years of marriage.