Image Source (First Image source unknown, let me know if you recognize it!)  This is something you might not know about me, but music is an integral  part of who I am. I grew up on daily doses of Van Morrison and Bob Dylan.  My dad sings and plays guitar, he even has his own band! I grew up playing  piano - I sadly gave it up at 13 when "it wasn't cool" anymore..  I regret  it highly, but I promised myself that the day I can fit a real piano in my  living room, I will take it up again.  My…

Cabin Music

Those Crisp Autumn Mornings, When The Sun First Greets The Earth

morningmist by Peter Engman, via Sunlight and Morning Mist- a powerful…

Looking at the changing colors of fall through a window....  Ana Rosa, hoursofgold:

Ahh, waking up on a cool autumn morning to the aroma of fresh coffee, the sound of sweet voices in the kitchen .

Feng Shui Tip– Autumn This time of year is represented by bringing in the harvest. It is the time when we decide what to keep and what to throw away. The Metal Element resonates with autumn. Help support and nourish this energy by strengthening and balancing the Metal Energy in your space.

Sunday Photo: Autumn Beauty

The leaves of fall are filling my yard. I love the fall smells of burning leaves, cinnamon, pumpkin flavored coffee. The snug feeling of my favorite fleece. I love the fall.