I know many people think of autumn colors and warm and cozy (browns, maroons, earthy greens), but sometimes autumn can be really vibrant and bold.

Inspired By: Autumn

I love nature and my favourite season is fall. I love fall because it is so calming and pretty. It also helps that my birthday is in the fall.

I wait all year long for the leaves to begin changing in the autumn. I love walking along looking at the ground to collect different shapes and

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Autumn Fall, this gives me inspiration for a quilt or fleece blanket....

What’s my favorite color? All of ’em (28 photos)

Trees across the Unites States are beginning to turn brilliant hues, heralding the arrival of fall. From buttery yellow to amber orange and burgundy red, leaves are turning all the colors of the rainbow as autumn chills the air.

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Colors of Autumn Leaves

A Good Thing Happened, the golden glow by *MarvinDiehl

Autumn leaves and a bit of frost... #fall #autumn #leaves

Inspiration Station: Autumn inspiration

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Mango and Passion Fruit: Preserve the beautiful autumn leaves by dipping them in beeswax.

Leaves dipped in wax to preserve color. I would like this hanging over my kitchen window this fall. -- beautiful idea for a mobile or general hanging decoration, would be better with resin than wax IMO


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how do i love fall? let me count the leaves. Color wheel idea to make paint leaves

Feng Shui Tip– Autumn This time of year is represented by bringing in the harvest. It is the time when we decide what to keep and what to throw away. The Metal Element resonates with autumn. Help support and nourish this energy by strengthening and balancing the Metal Energy in your space.

Sunday Photo: Autumn Beauty

The leaves of fall are filling my yard. I love the fall smells of burning leaves, cinnamon, pumpkin flavored coffee. The snug feeling of my favorite fleece. I love the fall.

Autumn colors.

Falling autumn leaves reflected in a rippling pond. The vivid depth of colour in…