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understanding autism spectrum disorders... ;) thankful for his gift, these tendencies cause it all to see things differently

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Therapy for Aspergers and Autism, Therapist for Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder Infographic

Autism Spectrum Disorder Infographic

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Strategies for Working with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder--excellent suggestions and ideas. Links to pdf documents with ideas & strategies. Share with teacher(s) in August.

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autism spectrum disorders

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Mom Creates Job Practice Opportunity for Young Adults with Autism

Mom Creates Job Practice Opportunity for Young Adults with Autism

Autism fact #40

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The meaning autism acceptance

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New Gene Studies Uncover Why Autism Symptoms Vary Widely - Kids News Article

Strategies for Working With Student With Autism

Classroom Freebies: Strategies for Working With Student With Autism

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Autism Spectrum Disorder & Music [Infographic]

There are a lot of unknowns about autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For every apparent truth that can be said about it, there is some exception or degree of uncertainty that comes with it.

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Understanding High Functioning Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorders can be confusing. No two children are alike. No two cases are the same. Doctors are still figuring out the ins and outs of the spectrum. Misinformation is plentiful. It can definitely be a beautiful mess to navigate. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

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#autism #autismwithasideoffries

Why don't people get it? "You aren't like this other autistic person I know." Um, yes, that's because I'm a different person! You aren't like every other neurotypical person I know, does that mean you must not be neurotypical?

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Here are over 70 video clips to teach the different zones. All clips are already broken up into the corresponding zone. Many of the clips are from recent movies (to help with student buy-in and entertain while teaching). The clips are all only a few minutes long so they dont take up too much time and can be fit into a short time period.

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