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The Ultimate New Guide to Autism Resources for Parents

Autism Resources for Parents - The Ultimate Guide. Read our editors top picks on the best resources, articles, websites and directories

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Every single day I am thankful that I get to enjoy my daughter. I am so lucky to know her. She is awesome.

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Autism: what to know and signs to watch for

Autism: What to Know and Signs to Watch For, Early Signs of Autism, Parenting Children with Special Needs, Amazing Series, Parenting Tips, Free Printables

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Only a mom, in a funny red sheet.

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Everyday Tools to help with Everyday Behaviors | Pinning as a reminder! Love these ideas for sensory input #parenting #sensoryfix @projectsensory

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Raspberry Ketones - Fast Weight Loss!

Autism Parenting-- High Functioning Autism / PDD-NOS / Aspergers Syndrome Thank you! I'm so SICK of hearing, "Well I knew a real autistic kid once and he doesn't seem autistic." I'm so sorry all the time I spent working with him to help him deal with life makes me suddenly a bandwagon parent. Next time I'll make sure he has an episode in front of you that ruins his day just to prove to you random person that he is legit. -_-

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Why Routines are Important for Autistic Children

There's nothing wrong with a little structure and predictability. But for autistic children, routines and schedules are almost necessary to assist with daily life.

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#autism #humor :) Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH CEO Socially Speaking LLC Author: "Autism Intervention in the iEra" Website:

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Love the #YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf hashtag on Twitter. Check it out. (Or click here for some of my own favorites.)

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