Have you been thinking of getting your child assessed for autism? Here are 20 practical strategies that you can try while waiting to get your child diagnosed with autism. Great tips for parents from And Next Comes L

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Be Kind to Those with disabilities... no matter what they are! So true. I am so glad to be on the side of autism. At least I can understand this. http://recert911training.wordpress.com/

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Autism Symptom Checklist for Toddlers. Definitely not for diagnosis, but a nice starting point to determine if formal evaluation is warranted.

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Receiving an autism diagnosis for your child is overwhelming and crazy, so today I'm writing a letter about what I wish I had known back then.

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Autism Speaks has a huge list of apps that benefit children with Autism. You can search by ratings, and subject. It's really cool. take a look! #autismapps #autismapp

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When your child gets an autism diagnosis, it can be scary and overwhelming. But with this ultimate guide to autism resources, you'll be a pro in no time!

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