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Aunty Meaning

Party hat & treats for breakfast can only mean one thing...BIRTHDAY PARTY TIME!! Woo-hoo! #FinnsFunFirst A big Finny THANK YOU to Aunty Pam Petey Jackie Boots Spunky Tabitha Starr & Madison LaRue @pixiegurrrrrl for mew birthday presents! Including these treats! The fun has just begun furriends! Use #FinnsFunFirst if you'd like to join in. Hope to see you there! _______ Crochet Hat pattern by @nurdibabi #MadeByMom Treats @meowforciao

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Improving (?) Scotch, A Zillow Nightmare, & The Next Guardians of the Galaxy

Improving (?) Scotch A Zillow Nightmare & The Next Guardians of the Galaxy TIS THE SEASON: (thank you) FIFUHKED: The editor might have a different take on this than myself but this just seems like a decision made on greed and hubris.Editors Note: Nope thisidea stinks. Want to improve the tournament? Dont award hosting duties to a place where its on average 106degrees in the summer. TRICKLE UP ECONOMICS? I am going to be super mindful of the snark on this one. Nobody likes to see this…

“There have been accounts of men who helped Jews and other victims of the Nazi regime escape the clutches of genocidal pogroms and mass slaughter, but this story is about a woman who courageously smuggled thousands of children to safety. Granted unusual access to the Warsaw ghetto as a public health specialist, Irena Sendler used her position to rescue children by various means, sometimes right under the noses of guards.” Linda Bond, Auntie's Bookstore, Spokane, WA


NERDY-CHIC Her glasses are NOT prescription… #Ella just likes wearing them because they’re nerdy-chic ! ;) I mean…how cute is she?!?!?! I’m dying over here. My cousin bought these amazing glasses for my #ratties from Japan! Thank you Auntie Elena!

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Creative ways to teach kids the true meaning of Christmas

Nativity scene

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Creative ways to teach kids the true meaning of Christmas

Nativity scene


Tarot Flashcards - The Fool Upright and Reversed Meanings,…


I try to get my 8 glasses a day... Don't forget to check out your #FREE brand spanking NEW Aunty Acid GoComics today,


Remember it's not what's under the tree, it's who's around that counts..