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This fish curry recipe is inspired by the book Fish, Indian Style by the chef at Benares in London, Atul Kochhar.


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Spicy chicken lahori curry

Chicken Lahori from Pakistan's capital city, where street food is a real theatre for the eyes. Pakistani cuisine generally involves a more heavy-handed use of oil and spices than a lot of Indian cuisine and this is proper Pakistani Punjab fare: hearty and hot. (Pakistan)


Atul Kochhar's Jeera Chicken and Nigel Slater's Aubergine Curry

Atul’s black pepper chicken curry recipe

Atul Kochhar’s black pepper chicken curry: This dish from Atul Kochhar is built around black pepper. It's a spicy, tangy and aromatic curry with fresh flavours. Remove the chicken skin to make this dish a little lighter.


Cook Atul Kochhar's Malaysian prawn and pineapple curry

Chef Atul Kochhars recipe for Malaysian prawn and pineapple curry was inspired by his friend Maria Mustafa (Picture: Mike Cooper)


Sweet potato and chickpea curry

Sweet potato and chickpea curry - Added curry powder, red pepper slices and substituted pumpkin curry for the tomato paste. (Try coconut milk next time)


Atul Kochhar’s super-speedy masala omelette

Atul Kochhar’s super-speedy masala omelette More

Duck curry (Bangladesh) recipe from Atul's Curries of the World by Atul Kochhar- This duck curry has a really good depth of spices. For a more modern presentation, you can choose to fry the duck pieces separate from the sauce, and serve on top of the sauce..... | Cooked


Atul Kochhar - Spiced Potato Cakes