Classic Instrument Coasters (Set of 4) Nickel Plated These Classic Instrument Coasters resemble instruments from classic aircraft composed onto nickel plated coasters. Each set is complete with Altimeter, Attitude Indicator, Directional Gyro, and Turn & Slip Indicator. To prevent sliding, they feature a soft, durable black felt backing. Coasters are about 3.25” in dia.

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Sails of Glory - ship, base, (with cannon arcs and wind response) range ruler, attitude indicator, wind gauge, and scenery.

Bizarre Plane Crashes: Crossair 498 & Aeroflot 821 pilots were inexperience with the western type attitude indicator

42.21$ Buy now - - Fast Free Ship IMU AHRS 10DOF sensor module MPU6050 HMC5883 BMP180 attitude indicator with the source code module

attitude indicator - Google Search

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