Attila the Hun:---/-433-453 /-- One of history's most feared men, he was known as the Scourge of God; he threatened the Roman empire and was renowned for his cruelty, Hungary

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Sword of Attila – The sword of Attila the Hun, said to have been sent by the gods. This is the sword used by Attila the Hun, Leader of the Huns from 434 to 453 AD. He ruled the Hun Empire which stretched from Germany to the Ural River and from the Danube River to the Baltic Sea. According to reports from the Roman historian, Priscus, the sword came to Attila by miraculous means.

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Gerard Butler, playing Attila the Hun, the first time I fell in love with him!! ( it was a mini series on TV).......;)

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Attila the Hun (R. over the Huns from 434-453). With his brother Bleda, Attila succeeded his uncle, and became sole king in 445. Attila was the scourge of both the Eastern and Western halves of the Roman Empire. Told the Romans he would leave them alone if they paid enough gold; invaded when they didn’t. Invaded Italy after Honoria begged for his help getting out of an unwanted marriage, claiming he was now betrothed to the princess. Died shortly thereafter.

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