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Attack On Titan STUFF - 5

#wattpad #fanfiction Da, Attack on Titan...

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Who is your attack on titan yandere lover? - Quiz

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WHY CAN'T THIS BE A THING!? THIS NEEDS TO BE A THING! I can just imagine Percy eventually getting tangled in his cables and getting LEo caugt with him because he was trying to fix the but Percy was wiggling too much and got them both stuck. And everyone else is laughing their heads off except for Annabeth who is just shaking her head thinking, "I'm in a relationship with THAT guy?" YEP TOTALLY NEEDS TO HAPEN!<---------- HELL YES THIS IS AN AMAZING AU!!!!!!!!!!

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Well ya baca use if Eliza can't attack the most important thing in Hamiltons life then what are we doing here

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These are actually all of my favorites XD<<< I haven't watched One punch man yet, but it looks awesome!

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I was shocked at first but then i remembered it was normal for this fandom so yeah what's new

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star wars episode 2 movie poster Check out our review here:

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EMA: Crusaders. (Attack on Titan) Source:

EMA: Crusaders. (Attack on Titan) Source:

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