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Nuclear Energy - Physics Doodle Notes

Your students will love these nuclear physics doodle notes! Connect left and right brain and increase retention and engagement in your high school science classroom. Covers isotopes, half-life, radioactive decay, nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, mass defect, binding energy, atomic mass unit, and mass-energy equivalence. Great as review for nuclear physics or chemistry.

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Periodic Table of Elements War! Great way to Review

Just like the card game war, but instead with the elements on the Periodic Table. After students have learned about the atomic #, atomic mass, protons, electrons, & neutrons this is a great way to review them.I like to play using either the highest atomic number, atomic mass, or you can even use protons, electrons, or neutrons.


***FREEBIE*** Try out one of my science stations before buying. Review parts of an atom and how to find atomic mass with this easy-to-prep science activity. Students will review vocabulary, complete a modeling activity, and practice multiple choice questions.


FREE - Complete Lesson! This guided inquiry lesson enables students to construct their own understanding of the structure of isotopes and how to calculate atomic mass. Students are able to actively learn the material without lectures or note taking.

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Atomic Structure-Isotopes Warm Up Activity

GRADES 10-12 In this hands on activity, students will determine all of the components that are necessary in calculating a weighted average mass for an element. They will need to determine the percent in nature for each isotope, and then use the atomic mass to calculate the weighted average mass. Once the weighted average mass is calculated, students will use it to identify the element.