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Larimar (Antlantis Stone) Found only in the The Dominican Republic. -Edgar Cayce predicted that on one of the Caribbean islands, being the remnants of Atlantis, a blue stone of Atlantean origin would be found with extraordinary healing attributes. In 1974, Larimar was found in the Dominican Republic. Metaphysical Properties: Larimar is a stone for Earth healing. It represents peace and clarity, emitting an energy of healing and love. It has been used to stimulate the higher chakras.

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51 natural wonders so amazing it’s hard to believe they exist

The Waitomo Caves are located just outside the Waitomo Township (New Zealand). It is a famous attraction because of the glowworms, native bioluminescent creatures that live in the caves and produce a blue-green light that decorates the ceiling with a twinkling glow which reminds of faraway galaxies.

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asi te digo mi nombre con todas estas palabras podes formar la palabra o una frase llamada..... amor o enamorarce

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Atlantis - the mythical Utopia - is the setting for the first Rhuna novel: Rhuna, Keeper of Wisdom

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Not all communities of merman shun the company of men, intertwined against the common enemy..

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#emilykinney - "She wandered out to see if any remained. A cold, empty silence met her, all the buildings abandoned, all the doors left open."

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