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Monster 75 FOOT wave smashes into BRITISH coast: Atlantic superstorm to hit UK TOMORROW

Porthcawl, Wales takes a battering from yet another fierce Atlantic storm yesterday (5th February 2014 ) [GETTY] My home town..

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Portugal winter atlantic storm. Was caught in one of these in the third ship of my carrier and I was only a senior cadet at that time. Keel Plate of the ship was so badly dented that nearly the whole keel plate had to be changed at Bremerhaven, MV Warsak was only 3 months old and under Warranty.

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Atlantic storm Xynthia lashes western Europe

Seaham Lighthouse, in County Durham, is battered by huge waves driven by gale force winds off the North Sea

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Holuhraun Eruption, Iceland by Iurie Belegurschi

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I Have No Idea How People Can Possibly Drive On This Highway. Wow.

The Atlantic Road in Norway. Built high enough for the waves to crash through. This would freak me out!!

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'SEA PINKS / THRIFT. MAY 2014.' | Kurt Jackson: Mixed media on board 20.5 x 21cm. 'This bit of cliff forms a wild front garden of buckhorn plantain, sea beet and thrift, with the thrift or sea pink forming wind-sculpted cushions of blue green each crowned with its own pink array of flowers. Stone still and solid in the path of sea blown gales and Atlantic storms the flowers sit waiting to be painted at the foot of my sea studies. They exist as an excuse to use the pink in my paint box.'…

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Lightning striking the sea. I used to watch nightly thunderstorms over the Atlantic when I lived at Cape May.

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