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12. This piece expresses asymmetrical balance. When we first observe the piece we look immediately right due to the unbalanced spread of colors, all the vibrant blues are to the right while empty blackness like meteors floating in space. Asymmetrical art often carries these distinctions to subdue our focus to one side of a piece.

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Asymmetrical Balance - The weight from the pictures and desk are visually, evenly distributed.

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Audrey, 9/24: I think this is super weird and creative and cool. I especially like the asymmetrical balance that's achieved by placing the body and most of the hair on the opposite side of the cutout.

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Amadeus Garcia - This picture shows and example of asymmetrical balance because the picture is all chopped up and looks like it is going to fall over.

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Gravity Glue, Incredibly Precarious Stacked Rock Sculptures

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Asymmetrical balance is not symmetrical. It's informal and makes your subconscious crave symmetry apparently.

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Gemstone Modern Black Oak Coffee Table

The asymmetrical balance of the Gemstone, which was created by aluminum accents placed on opposing sides, creates an interesting composition and visual appeal. Black tempered glass is inset amongst the aluminum accents on the top of the coffee table which establishes a sophisticated appearance. An open rectangular stainless steel leg is located on the opposite side of the table, contrasting nicely with the dark black oak finish. Open storage within the top and base contributes to the…

Design principle: Asymmetrical (informal) balance - placement of non-identical forms to either side of a balancing point in such a was that the two sides seem to be of the same visual weight

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12. Asymmetrical Balance is used in the artwork because if folded directly in half vertically the sides wouldn't be the same. One side visually weights more than the other making in uneven.

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Artist: Kazimir Malevich ~ Medium: Paint (unknown) ~ Size: Unknown ~ Title: not found ~ The abstract piece creates balance using bold shapes, placed asymmetrically, yet thoughtfully, utilizing a broad space.

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12.Assymetrical balance occurs when several smaller items on one side are balanced by a large item on the other side, or smaller items are placed further away. It creates the effect that the objects are balanced, even if they are different sizes or in different spaces in the photograph.

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The fonts in this ad are adorable and show great contrast amongst one another. The asymmetrical balance works wonderfully in this situation.

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ASYMMETRICAL BALANCE: The white piece of the dress that overlaps and is double the length of the grey section of the dress creates asymmetrical balance.

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Asymmetrisch Tegenovergestelde van symmetrisch dus het beeld kan niet in twee helften verdeeld worden die precies of ongeveer elkaars spiegelbeelden zijn

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