The #Akashic Records are said to hold the collective consciousness of all beings who have ever lived on the Earth - across all time. This magical database exists on the astral plane and contains infinite life experiences, as well as the keys to understanding the deeper karmic nature of all things in the #universe. #Spiritual

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cool Astral Projection and Travel Secrets: The Complete Guide to Traveling the Astral Plane

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Ceremonial Magick: "#Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon: The Initiated Interpretation of #Ceremonial #Magic," by S.L. MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley. A complete book of magickal symbols and sigils, by two of the most prominent and influential occultists of all time. The "Lesser Key" contains the magickal sigils of the 72 "Goetia," spirits that can be called upon by the Adept to perform actions on the astral plane.

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Strong foundation is key, its the start, it’s an important task to balance each aspect of Self- before you can reach the “unity with oneness” (which can be experienced both in this world and the astral plane and beyond).This diagram and information is important. take a look at the indications of imbalances and seriously try to work on things that connect with you- be honest with yourself-

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