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At some point you need to accept that some people are assholes and stop trying to see the good that isn't the there ... #thedamien #downgrade

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Hey in the business of people's lives and their health I rather be called an asshole for telling you the truth instead of sugar coating bs. Can't help that your lazy and you don't want to put the work in to be healthier or look better. You want it then work for it! You rather hire someone who says good job for doing a bad job then buy a parrot and carry it around with you. So many trainers who don't get results but are good at coddling and bullshit. Yea.. Not me #cresultsfitness #truth…

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Hey y'all! I am back!! Did you miss me!? Well did you miss the tea!? The tea is back. Here's some for y'all be careful... This is gonna be strong! So let me just be straight. Can we stop using gossip as a bonding tool!? You know you can bond with a person without having to talk negatively about people right!? I see this mostly at times in churches. Like for real...why!? You can talk about scriptures revelations life callings and different experiences God has been leading you on why talk…

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"When a toxic person can no longer control you..." Sometimes other people will never see the truth about that toxic person, because narcissists are masters at manipulation.

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Ill like you at first because i have nothing against you.. until you do something to make me not trust you or like you.

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firearm joke / Check out Charter Arms on Pinterest or visit our web-sight at CharterFireArms.Com

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Found this posted by @ericgoonpowell fantastic guy by the way. I don't want to be one of those people that are all "proud to be an asshole" kind of attitude but this picture is so true for me. I live by a pretty set in stone rule of "if you're nice to me I'm nice to you". There are exceptions like if you're nice to me but rude to someone I care about I will hate you. If you cut me off in traffic Im gonna hate you. You could be the sweetest little grandma and imma still be mad at you for not…

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A friend tagged me to this, we call it 'resting bitch face'!! Hahaha. Im guessing i look mean by the way people look at me and NO ONE approaches me either.. :-/ Im a nice person, i swear

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underhanded trick some people will use against you - provoke you, little jabs and jibes and insults and sneers here and there until you have had enough of them and retaliate - then you're the bad guy!

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Personally, I don't find swearing offensive, I do find, back stabbing, lying, cheating and fucking people over offensive, but not swearing.

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Dont you wish you could give that cocky asshole at work explosive diarrhea with one look? Not so cool now are ya Mr. Shits in his Pants!!

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@K McCaskey---everytime I see this, I get a vision of Chris in the control tower, shaking his head & rolling his eyes.

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I think everyone should have to work retail at least once in their life. Maybe then they would treat the workers with more respect.

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Asking me to separate my love from our friendship, like it was some easy task like splitting black from white. I could no sooner partition out my love for you from me as I could grasp oxygen from water with my bare hands.

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You best those rainbow waffle stomper on go back to Cali where the law is geared to the faggot pussy body builder who unprovoked run up and hit someone at work while he not looking. Washington, Oregon state law are geared to protect from the violent asshole idiot, shoot ya I cut your ass you touch me and walk you go to jail

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? These clowns want everyone to think that embassy security (ESPECIALLY THE SECURITY OF AN AMBASSADOR ASSIGNED TO LIBYA) is important to them. THEY ARE THREATENING TO FURTHER SLASH EMBASSY SECURITY BY 50% UNLESS THEY GET WHAT THEY WANT. Click the link below to read the actual bill.....

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