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Asian Toaster Ovens

Baked cream cheese wontons. Could easily be made in the toaster oven. This recipe is basic but the cream cheese could have garlic and chives or sriracha or anything else added to it for extra flavor.


Double the recipe. Add 1 Tbs 10X DO NOT cook in toaster oven...they brown too quickly More

from Wishes and Dishes

Philly Cheesesteak Baked Egg Rolls

Philly Cheesesteak Baked Egg Rolls recipe with gooey, melted cheese and juicy beef makes for a tasty dinner or party appetizer ready in no time at all! They are baked, not fried!

from LaaLoosh

Light Sesame Chicken Recipe – 5 Points

Light Sesame Chicken Recipe YUM!– 5 Points + / ON Biggest Loser plan, half of recipe (1 lb chicken) = 3 five oz servings. Calories would actually = 170 p/serving of chicken. I made extra sauce and stir fried snow peas, broccoli and an orange pepper just before chicken finished cooking in toaster oven. This would also be good with Basmati rice.Note: I also used Splenda Brown sugar which would make the calories even fewer.

from Serious Eats

5-Minute Miso-Glazed Toaster Oven Salmon

This is one of the easiest, least messy, fastest ways to cook salmon. Once you have it marinated, it's a matter of minutes in the toaster oven or broiler before it's ready to eat.


This succulent 叉烧 was first cooked in rice cooker using the normal rice cooking function, then roasted in toaster oven to give it a ro...