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Asian Outdoor Cooking


Recipe for braised Asian-style pork shoulder

This looks like a great recipe with some great Asian flavors. Should adapt well to outdoor cooking

from Raksha's Kitchen

Sprouts Salad

Sprouts Salad | Sprouted Moong Salad

from MyRecipes

Tangy Asian Meatballs

Obsessed with the slow cooker. Tangy Asian Meatballs are great for parties. Cook on high for 4 hours and you'll have an amazing app.


I choose to not cook, saving me the weight of cooking supplies, the headache of a less versatile food bag, and the time spent cooking. But there’s a huge misconception that the food I carry is somehow heavier than dehydrated meals. So I want to share my method of creating a food list for a trip, address some common misconceptions, and list some methods that can be used at quick resupplies along the way.


Teppanyaki - Many are confused about Teppanyaki being a type of dish rather than a cooking style. It is a popular method of cooking in the Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food...