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25+ Best Christmas Diffuser Blends

my favorite Christmas diffuser blends all in one place and there's even a FREE PRINTABLE of all the recipes- Gingerbread Man, Candy Cane Surprise, Holiday Joy, Christmas Tree Forest, All Is Calm, and many more of my Christmas diffuser blend favorites!


Hong Paos -- assorted designs, such as that of happy children, Chinese characters for abundance and greetings, animals of the zodiac, etc. The Chinese word for red (“hong”) also sound like “plenty”. It is believed that money wrapped in red will make money multiply. chinese new year party themes The money inside the hong bao is called Ya Sui Qian. Ya mean suppress; Sui sounds somehow like evil spirit. Qian means money. Therefore, Ya Sui Qian means money that can suppress evil spirits.

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Chinese New Year Party Idea

chinese new year party- cleaning, red, gold, chinese lanterns, long noodles, dumplings, fortune cookies, green tea, fireworks, cash envelopes

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Velvet Sectional Sofa Pink