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Tbh, Luke is my favorite but I've gotta say! Ashton is so adorable and funny and his laugh is so cute. Luke is just hot and clever and nice:) so I don't know really because I love them both! And I also love calum and Michael :)

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lina on

#imagine for Erin. "So you find this face attractive?" "Uhm DUH Ashton!!" "Hehe Erin you're so cute!! And I love that I can make you like this." "Oi! Love birds!! Cut it out!" "Oh shut it Luke." "Don't make me tell her what you said in your sleep last night, Ash." "What?" "Don't worry about it babe. Luke is just blowing smoke." "He said 'Erin I LOVE YOU please just marry me!' Loud enough to wake me up!" "Ashton?" "Erin will you marry me?" "OHMYGOD YES!!" And you lived happily ever after :-)

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24 Excuses To Bask In The Adorable Beauty That Is Ashton Irwin

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I was sitting here looking at this and my brother goes "you should marry him" xx <<< awww, you obviously have a cool brother...

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