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Asap Rocky Songs

a$ap rocky - livelovea$ap. this is the second best hip hop record of the year for me. a (free) mixtape not an album album for sure, it has great production from great producers, and he has the best flow of any new rapper since earl. it has a few rough spots and sometimes isn't very consistent sounding from song to song, but that is the case with every hip hop mixtape of all time. i put big money on his label debut (this year, i'm assuming) being amazing.

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13 Iconic Kennedy Photos That Inspired Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem" Video

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I don't know if its weird but I know every word to every song of ASAP :) Call me crazy .... Told ya I'ma G

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A$AP Mob Re-Creates Classic Album Covers for VICE

ASAP Mob Re-Creates Classic Album Covers for VICE-01 // // #babesngents

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ASAP Rocky is one of the smartest rappers out there Very wise. But it makes sense since he grew up on the streets of NYC so he's seen a lot that nobody should have to see

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