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♕  I should not be dreaming wolf dreams, the girl told herself. I am a cat now, not a wolf. I am Cat of the Canals. The wolf dreams belonged to Arya of House Stark.


♕ Maisie Williams as Arya Stark “Last season people asked: ‘Is she dead?’ I’m all, ‘No, she’s blind.’ It’s too easy to kill her,” says Williams. “If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Game of Thrones it’s that death is the easy way out.” x


23 Very Real Reactions You Had to the Game of Thrones Premiere

Season 6 of Game of Thrones has arrived and it's basically everything we've been hoping for, plus some very unexpected nudity.


Tyrion Lannister on

Arya and Melisandre - this was sad. Wonder who's eyes she's talking about. Green must be one of the Lannisters?


I'm losing control. The virus will soon consume me, I'll be just another mindless zombie. The restraints around my wrist get tighter as my arms try to break free. I hear a voice, "Cam, are you still in there?" It was Todd. I scream in my head, 'Todd, Todd I'm here.' But the only sound that comes out of my mouth is a growl. (RP, someone be Todd?)