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Artichokes are perennial in my zone. While the blooms are stunning, if you seem them it is too late to eat the artichoke. Letting a few go to seed, especially at the end of the season on plants 4 years old or more, is both beautiful and thrifty - start those seeds for next year, to have young plants with higher production.

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Edible Ornamental Plants for Your Garden

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artichoke in bloom--what a surprisingly pretty flower--i love artichokes, even though i never quite figured out the proper way to eat them

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heart 4 | 37872 | Designer michel semini, provence, france. Globe artichoke in the formal garden <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Cynara cardunculus, Globe Artichoke - dramatic perennial, full sun, well drained soil, hardy, height 120cm, spread 90cm, can be divided

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Artichoke flower

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The banana plant inflorescence - before the banana turns into an actual banana, it actually is a flower. This flower, called a banana heart or inflorescence, is edible as well. It’s used in Indian cuisine as a vegetable, served steamed with dips and cooked in soups, fried foods, and curries. The heart is fleshy, and its flavor has been likened to an artichoke.

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How to grow Artichokes: If you leave some artichoke buds on the stem, they'll flower into stunning purple thistle-like blooms.

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Outdoors: Modern Townhouse Garden Roundup

Artichoke; ok, I have never seen one in bloom and I think that this is REALLY COOL you like it!!! <3

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