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art rubric - Im thinking of comparing this to one that asks students to reflect on their capacity to think critically / conceptually and asking students to look at facility of media.

Art Rubrics Elementary Grade Level | Ms Katie Cole - Classroom Management and Assessment Strategies


Visual Art Rubric for Elementary Level

Visual art rubric for elementary level. I like the idea but wouldn't pay to download it but rather I'd make my own and adjust it to fit the needs of the students I am working with.

art rubric. Keep responsiveness and get rid of effort(or combine). Seems heavy in behavior rather than knowledge and skill.


K-4th general art rubric - there's also one for grades 5-8 Michelle is a rubric, didnt we talk about this once???


A general visual arts rubric that can be used at any grade level for any project. I use it as a quick go to for units that I don't have a specific rubric for and it works like a charm every time.