baixinha-su: “ theblueatom: “ payface: “ areyoutryingtodeduceme: “ payface: “ putting this up, since my website project for university is finished and I don’t have to put it on the web anymore. a...

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Fine Art Architectural Painting, Artist Study Resources for Art Students, CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at , Inspiration for Art School Portfolio Work, How to Paint Buildings and Architecture

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Tuesday Tips — Portfolio 101. With the end of the year/the beginning of the year fast approaching, it’s a good time to revamp your portfolio. These are some quick tips for visual development/character design portfolio. 1. Know what you want on your finish book. Work backwards — decided on how many pages you want, then work from there. 2. Best piece on the first page, second best on the last page, and third best in the middle. (Something that I learned from Art Center... (CONT at link)

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Owen Dodgen, A.N. McCallum High School, Austin Texas. ....AP Central - Exams: 2013 Studio Art Drawing Portfolio Student Samples

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