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Art Journaling 101

Art journaling is NOT about creating hang-in-a-museum-worthy art. Just like any other type of journaling, your art journaling experience is completely unique to you. It is personal and private. It. Is. For. You. So that inner critic needs to take itself for a walk when you art journal because guess what? There are no mistakes in art journaling. None! Absolutely none! Let’s say that together: “There are no mistakes in art journaling!” Like any other journal you may keep, no one is going to…


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The art of living is a subtle blend of letting go and stand firm.


The art of letting things happen, action through non-action, letting go of oneself, as taught by Meister Eckhart, became for me the key opening the door to the way. ~Carl Jung, The Secret of the Golden Flower, Page 90.


Mastering The Difficult Art Of Letting Go

Letting go is a difficult skill that requires deep self-awareness, willpower, and repeated practice.