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The Shop Around the Corner (1940)... Love jimmy in this movie the female character is written too mean at the beginning but I love this movie none the less

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12 Sexy Date Night Outfits for Valentines Day!

Valentine’s day is around the corner and that means you’re going to be all lovely dovey with your significant other! For that special day, if you’re going out for a nice dinner date, then you need the right outfit. You want to turn heads when you walk in the room and feel sexy. Check out these 12 sexy outfits perfect Valentines Day!

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“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” ~ Wassily Kandinsky Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to freshen up the home! Lucky for you, Penelope Sloan Design is offering an amazing deal! $50 for an in home colour consultation. And, you can add a mini decor consultation for only $100!

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Peek-a-boo? What? Are you really resorting to hiding around the corner to get a picture of me? What do you mean you knew I'd be curious enough to come back and peek around the corner? You don't know nothing, lady; I didn't fall for your pathetic camera tricks. Ummm, I'm just keeping track of that squirrel that took off this way...You just happened to be there. Yeah, didn't you see him? He ran right by you, really.

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The German expression: Jemanden um die Ecke bringen = Literally: To bring someone around the corner. Not as nice as it seems :-), because it means in English: To kill someone, to put someone away, to do somebody in.

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