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To the Army Girlfriend, Great Quotes and Advice for all milsos!


He knows I'll be here when he gets home and I'll know that I'm in his heart wherever he goes.

For The Army Girlfriend: Quotes and Advice

Behind every soldier, sailor, marine, airman, coast guard is someone who supports them with their whole heart! -


The Army Girlfriend Promise


Thought I would post on behalf of once my sons girl friend now all lead back to the families

I definitely don't have it nearly as bad as some girls seeing as David is only at tech school, but I know what that was like from basic, and I always make sure my phone is on me so we can talk whenever he is able


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For all army girlfriends I don't want to bother. I just need some advices or tips to help me going trough all of this. Nobody here supports me or understands me and some days I just fall apart. I can't sleep, I can't dream... Am I going crazy???


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