First Black To Lead Army Division April 19, 1960 Maj. Gen. Frederic E. Davidson assumed command of the Eighth Infantry Division in Germany and became the first Black to lead an army division.

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Lou Rawls-Army Paratroopers in Airborne Army Division 1956-58 (Singer/Entertainer)

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Central Pacific Campaign (7 Dec 41 - 6 Dec 43) in the Pacific Theater The war in the Central Pacific began with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. Six months later an AAF task force took part in the Battle of Midway, in which a great Japanese fleet was defeated. But another year and a half elapsed before American forces began an offensive against Japanese positions in the Central Pacific. It was then, on 20 November 1943, that landings

Dennis Franz-Army-served 11 months with 82nd Airborne Division in Vietnam (Actor)

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7th Infantry Division, U.S. Army Divisions of World War II Name:7th Type:Infantry Nickname:Hourglass Source:Regular Army Theater:Pacific Casualties:9,212 Days of Combat:208 Activation Date:01 Jul 40 Date Sent Overseas:11 May 43 (Alaska) Date Entered Combat:11 May 43 (Attu) Status June 1946:active Korea

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U.S. Army Divisions in World War II provides a visual history of all the divisions of the U.S. Army that served in World War II from 1939 to 1945.

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U.S. Army Divisions in World War II | ^

Audie Murphy won every valor award for his service in WW2. What a hero first, and second, a terrific actor.

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Troops of the German Army Division 'Grossdeutschland' with Gewehr 41 rifle and MG42 machine gun, Soviet Union, 1943-1944

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