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Army Chaplain

US Army Chaplain conducts his religious service from the good of a jeep named ‘Going My Way’, 3rd US Army, 87th Infantry Div., Europe, 1945

A US Army chaplain evacuates an elderly Vietnamese woman during the Tet Offensive, Hué, South Vietnam, 1968, photograph by Don McCullin.


A U.S. Army chaplain prays by injured soldiers at a combat field hospital in Korea

WWI, Oct 1916, Somme; A chaplain of the Royal Army Chaplain's Department and a doctor of the Royal Army Medical Corps waiting for wounded to come in. Near High Wood. © IWM

Memorial Service on Beach-Head for Those Who Fell in the Assault. With the bonnet of a Jeep as an Altar a U.S. Army Chaplain conducted a Memorial Service for those who fell at the first U.S. cemetery to be laid out on a French beach-head. Troops kneel in prayer as the Chaplain celebrates Communion…14/6/44

Soldiers pray with an Army chaplain, Vietnam

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Army chaplain who died in a POW camp after refusing to abandon wounded soldiers during the Korean War is to receive the Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor: The medal will be awarded posthumously to U.S. Army Chaplain Emil Kapaun (pictured), who served in the Korean War and died in a prisoner of war camp on May 23, 1951


Beside the road to Lesieux in Normandy, France, a British Army Chaplain presides over the burial of a fallen soldier as tanks of the 8th Hussars continue the advance.

Vintage Military Car Badge by J R Gaunt British Army Chaplain (08/16/2015)

A US army chaplain and a young German POW, 1918