Aries. i don't even believe in horoscopes but i like this

if you want to be in my life but believe me when I say that you cannot fake it because I can see, smell, feel lies so be careful

I can handle his, but who will handle mine?! ;)

Aries know (no bleeping -s ending in plural).

Yeah tell me about it! It's also a great way to piss me off...

Aries Fear of the unknown Ugh so true

Geesh I could only be so happy to attach myself to this sign.

Unfortunately, being the best of both worlds brings alot of mixed emotions!

This is what i tell people, all the time! Love, loyalty, respect.

yep - need commonsense but can sometimes over-ride it with a big heart, lots of Love and Laughter, and know what loyalty and respect are.

Aries are huge music lovers and tend to like a range of musical genres

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Zodiac Aries facts — Aries are huge music loves and tend to like a range of musical genres. Funny because I'm currently listening to a playlist filled with everything from Ed Sheeran, to country and back to rock and rap.


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I love cuddling

Aries cuddling,why do some abuse this

I am a big supporter in love....seriously don't mess with us,'ll never see us again...

I am a big supporter in love.seriously don't mess with us,'ll never see us again.

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howyou know a aries likes/loves you