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Area Of Circle Diameter

Circumference and Area of a Circle

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measuring the radius or diameter of cut out circles in either centimeters or inches. Then students needed to calculate the area and circumference of the circle.

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GREAT activity for circumference, diameter, radius. Click on the blue words in the paragraph to get to the activity, then click on the words at the top of the box to begin and get directions.

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Geometry of Circles Reference Sheet

This reference sheet is an easy way for students to remember key terms about the geometry of a circle such as area, circumference, diameter, radius, and pi. Great for a math binder or to print out as a classroom poster.

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Circle Foldable

A quick and easy reference for circles, semicircles, quarter circles, circumference and area of circles. Also includes radius and diameter. There are three to one page. Perfect size to glue in an interactive journal or folder. Quick and easy prep! Just print, cut, label and glue!

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Teaching Circumference, Diameter, Radius, and Pi with activities, worksheets, A hands-on discovery activity, and even an "I Have... Who has..." game.

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★♥★ #Circle Facts ★♥★ Learn some interesting information about this two…

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c1 w19-20 Circumference and Area of a circle - Circle Music Video by Peter Weatherall

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