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Cherry (sweet and sour) species have their roots in Europe and West Asia. They can grow in temperate regions and require full sun and well drained soil.

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25 of the Most Beautiful Christmas Cakes

Tart and sweet cranberries give this gorgeous holiday cake bursts of fruity flavor. To amp up the stunning factor, sugared cranberries are piled on top for a sparkly, frosty effect. Get the recipe at Life, Love, & Sugar. -

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How to Grow Cherries

Learn how to grow cherries in this post. There are two types of cherries: sweet and sour. Learn everything you need to know in order to have a great crop no matter what.

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Seed Planting Cherry Trees – How To Grow Cherry Trees From Pits

Tips For Planting Cherry Seeds: Can You Grow A Cherry Tree Pit - If you are a cherry lover, you’ve probably spit your share of cherry pits, or maybe it’s just me. At any rate, have you ever wondered “can you grow a cherry tree pit?” If so, how do you grow cherry trees from pits? This article will help.

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Cherry trees are a good choice for home fruit production, but pests can sometimes be a problem. Here's how we planted our cherry trees using a permaculture guild - a combination of plants that works together to produce more healthy cherries.

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currants-we had these in the garden of my uncle's house when I was growing up...they are delicious

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How to Can Cherries for Pie

How to can cherries for pie! Canning these cherries while they are cheap this summer so we can eat cherry pie this winter! Yum!

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Cherry and Blueberry Cream Pie

Hit up the farmer’s market for fresh cherries and blueberries and turn them into this Cherry and Blueberry Cream Pie! Fresh berries are combined with a creamy sour cream filling and topped with plenty of streusel for a perfect summer pie.

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Risk Of Gout Attacks Can Be Reduced By Eating Cherries

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Nursery Prints Fruit theme, wall decor, watermelon, cherries, banana and strawberry

Fruit themed nursery prints. You are one in a melon, I love you cherry much, I love you berry much, You are berry special, I am bananas for you. Buy 3 or more and save!

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