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Arduino Light Sensor


Live data to excel from an Arduino Light Sensor

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An Arduino light sensor circuit is able to detect changes in light. This is pretty handy if you need to make a project that requires being able to tell how light or dark it currently is. For example, an automatic chicken hatch door, automatic lights etc.


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2 PCS 3.3-5V input LM393 light Sensor Module for Arduino DO/AO output W Cables

2 Pcs 3 3 5V Input LM393 Light Sensor Module for Arduino do AO Output w Cables - 5.7$


Multifunction Digital Light Intensity Sensor Module - Blue

Multifunction Digital Light Intensity Sensor Module - Blue. Quantity: 1 - Color: Blue - Material: FR4 + PCB - Chip: BH1750FVI - Power supply: 3V~5V - Light range: 0~65535 lx - Sensor built-in: 16 bitAD converter - Direct digital output - Applies to: Digital light intensity module, light sensor module, illumination module - Packing list: - 1 x Digital light intensity module. Tags: #Electrical #Tools #Arduino #SCM #Supplies #Sensors

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responsive facade system

Responsive facade system | prototype 1 a sensitive facade system responding to light. the whole system works as a responsive light system. thrue the light sensor, arduino is moving four servo motors that are controlling the opening of the origami geometry.