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As an Aries it's difficult loving a Cancer. It was an adventure being in relationships with a Libra and Aquarius, but a whole lot of emotions and drama

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Community Post: 32 Times Tumblr Truly Nailed Your Star Sign In 2015

The only place that knows how long you can hold a grudge and your chances of winning an Oscar.

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True. Just know, I will ignore you for long periods of time if you upset also depends on who you are..weeks,months,years.

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I Have Several Weird Moments – Scorpio, Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces, Taurus, Libra See more posts like this at

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Zodiac Files: When Aquarius Is Angry. Ha ha ha - I feel this was me this week in particular lol x

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#ClassicAquarius #Aquarius Hey everyone! Finally back after my 2 week online break, hope you're all well! Missed you all ♒️♒️♒️

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