Gemini(Taurus-Gemini?) Sun, Leo Moon, Scorpio Rising, Taurus in Mercury, Cancer in Venus, Libra in Mars -- Elijah Carriere

Well, that explaines a lot, considering mine are: Sun: Sagittarius Moon: Aquarius Mercury: Sagittarius Venus: Capricorn Mars: Aries

Aquarius Sun Sign, Pisces Moon Sign, Pisces in Mercury, Aquarius in Mars, Pisces in Venus, Scorpio in Jupiter, Pisces in Saturn, Capricorn in Uranus, Capricorn in Neptune, Scorpio in Pluto, Rising Sign Scorpio, Lilith Taurus, Midheaven Leo,  Asc Nodes Scorpio

Aquarius Sun Sign, Pisces Moon Sign, Pisces in Mercury, Aquarius in Mars, Pisces…


My moon is in Capricorn. and apparently Moon in Capricorn just reinforces all my Virgo traits. Because being a double Virgo with my ruling planet (Mercury) in Virgo isn't enough.

Traits the Signs Keep Hidden

Traits the Signs Keep Hidden - I'm a Sagg, Aquarius, Capricorn mix. and though most astrological descriptions don't seem to fit - this was dead on.

Sun sign vs. Moon sign...Sun is in Cancer, Moon is in Gemini

Sun is in Pisces , Moon is in Gemini. This seems pretty correct. Your moon sign is what you feel that you are. Your sun sign is what the world sees.

#risingsign explained - I see it also as the vehicle you drive your sun sign in for your road/journey which is all the signs of your chart

Your Rising sign (ascendent) explained. your sun sign is as important as your rising sign. you must know the time you were born to determine your rising sign. Your rising sign is how you appear to other people.