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The last three lines ring truest. It's what makes for crazy if Aquarius is your love.

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I do it maybe a little too much. It's just really nice thinking about what might happen in your future.

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I cannot tell you how true this is, I don't need to justify why if I feel it there's a reason for it

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aquarius -I get so depressed when people I love and care about are unhappy. Dammit... I hate emotional stress.

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Aquarius.... One of the best descriptions I've read. I've been told these things many times. Although we love studying people and being around people (sometimes lol), I think our ability to become detached from emotion can make us ruthless AF when the occasion calls for it. ;)

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thank god ive found mine even if we drive eachother crazy and want to kill eachother... Jason Peterson you are my best friends and have been my soul mate from the beginning....I love you

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The last one gets me all the time, like, they remembered something so little about me, and it honestly makes me so happy :)

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