Instagram once was a simple point-and-shoot photo app, but has now turned into a giant portfolio to showcase one’s smartphone photography skills. To wow your followers, and produce more stunning photos, you should be downloading these 4 best editing apps for Instagram:

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The best photo editing apps for Instagram to step up your game. Transform your Instagram to high quality photos that generate more likes and followers.

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iphone apps for Instagram >> If you haven’t noticed, ThePlanetD is a very photo heavy website. We use iPhone photography apps that we count on to bring out the best in our photos and we wanted to share a few of our favourites with you.

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I’ll admit it: I’m an instagram addict. Lately, it seems everyone has a take on how to grow a following and there are some misconceptions when it comes to creating an instagram following: 1. It’s not just about the followers 2. It’s not just about the likes Sure, those things are great. But I’d rather have less followers that are engaged and actually interested in what I write about on my blog, then more that just follow me because sometimes my pictures are nice (or I’m giving them something…

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